Environment Friendly FRP Septic Tank to Treat Water

FRP septic tank for sewage treatment is made of FRP. FRP is an advanced composite material made of fiberglass and resin. FRP septic tank is mainly made of high strength fiberglass and unsaturated epoxy resin (UER) by modern advanced automated winding process.

Compared with FRP septic tank made by hand lay-up process, our product is more mechanization and automation. Meanwhile, our FRP septic tank is anti-acid, alkali-resistant, watertight with high strength. As it’s automated, our product is good-looking with smooth appearance and uniform color.

FRP septic tank is used in many fields such as residential buildings, office buildings, industrial water treatment and aquaculture. As it is lightweight and easy to install, and occupies less space, it’s gradually taking the place of traditional septic tanks made of other material.